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06:01am 27/02/2004
  Just a quick note to everyone. I'm heading to Jax this weekend. It's my moms b-day and i am going to surprise her. Im on Southwest flights 2069 out and 2426 back. So have fun over the weekend, I will be. I'll let you know how the trip was when I get back.  
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Battle FISH FEAR IT   
08:02pm 17/02/2004


Battle Rating

LordSanq fell from the sky, one day

Can your fishy beat LordSanq ?
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY....02/14/2004   
12:01am 14/02/2004
mood: ecstatic
I asked aims85 to be my valentine and she accepted. Woot!! I'm so happy. :-) This might be a good valentines day after all. Thanks for accepting aims85. Ya made my day. Oh on the casino side, hehe....well I don't have that $400 anymore, LOL. But I had fun loosing it, at least the casino employees are nice...of course why wouldnt they be, heh. Will post some more later. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ALL!!
Another Casino Update   
09:05pm 11/02/2004
mood: giddy
Ok, well I get home from work and I think, dang i'm bored. So I'm like what they hey, take $100 and hit the craps table right. So as soon as I get there, a great roller is at the table. Great way to start. Well to keep the story short, cause i'm kinda tired. Came in with $100 and left with $508. So do you think I did well? Just a disclaimer, it's near impossible to make a living at gambling, so don't think this is good. I did well tonight, but chances are that I lose it in my next 2 visits. Keep checking for future casino updates.

Work has settled down some, and I started my working out regime. Walk/Run and do some weights. My friend Angelica is joining me, which makes it easier to keep on track. The projects are getting done, and I did a major snaffu on Tuesdays reports...but got it all back in line now. Well i'm sitting here staring at the screen so I must not have anything else important for now. I'll post when something cool happens, or in a few days, whichever is first.
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Casino Update   
04:18pm 07/02/2004
  Well I went in today and got $100 out of the account. Head on over to nickle slots....bust. Over to quarters, Bust. Blackjack for $40, bust. More slots in the smoke free room....Bust. I originally had come to play Craps....but none of the tables were running when I first got there. So I played these other games instead. Well the table was open when I came back out, so I said what the heck I'll get $60 and see how I do. Well I cashed in $40 for chips. I did WELL. I was up to over $400 at one point. But you know how the game pulls you in. Hehe, SO here I am playing and I set a goal in mind. I took $160 out of the account and I was leaving with that much. So eventually I go down to that mark and cashed out. But that means I went from $40 to at least $400 while there....shoulda stopped then huh. Then after cashing in the chips I remembered, oh yeah, I had $20 more to play. So back to the nickels and this time $40 won....so now I have $200 on me. I spent $20 more on quarters...bust and called it a day at $182......so I am up for the day, $22. Unfortunatly, I'm overall still down by like $70. Hehe.

Well until next weekend when we try lady luck.
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06:03pm 03/02/2004

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Ok Folks   
08:59pm 01/02/2004
mood: aggravated
I cant tell why it isnt showing my picture.....so if anyone can help. Please do.

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08:58pm 01/02/2004
  testing the pictures  
New Pics   
08:51pm 01/02/2004
  I uploaded some new pics for my LJ. I'll show them off here.  
Live from Albuquerque   
06:02pm 01/02/2004
mood: complacent
Well, here I am. In Albuquerque. It's very nice out here, mountains in the distance and cold dry air. How nice....I wanna go home...LOL just joking. Talking about dry weather, im drying up like a raisin out here. I have to use lotion on a daily basis.

The call center out here is nice and my team is great, still need some work, but they are getting there. Hey Superbowl is on. So far i've lost more at the casino than I have won, hehe.

I was catching up on a friend of mine Jen, I just found out she is pregnant, so congrats to her. If you want to check out her site, visit her at www.Jenaside.com. Well gonna start watching the Superbowl now, so talk with you all later.

12:13am 31/08/2003
mood: happy
Well I've been informed that I have been negligent in my postings. Heh. Well not a whole lot has been going on lately. I might be able to move to Tampa, it depends if I get a new position at work. I got myself a Digital Camera today, thats a big one....now I can take pictures and I'll be able to post them, i'm excited about that.

I'm really hoping I get to move though, the call center I work at is closing, according to managment on Feb 1st. Of most everyone knows the truth, were definatly going to close early, but you cant get a straight answer. I hate how managment just cant come clean with us. Although if they did, everyone would probably quit, so thats why they keep us in the dark about it.

Anyway, thats about all thats been going on with me lately. Catch you all later.

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02:18am 22/08/2003
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01:50am 22/08/2003
Which Family Guy Character are you? Take the Quiz!
01:42am 22/08/2003
mood: tired
Hello everyone. Well I started the journal today, yippie. Heh, thanks to my friend Karen. Thanks Karen. Well not much really went on today so far, its only been today for like an hour and 42 minutes. So I guess I'll have to keep you all posted as to what happens in the next 23 hours 18 minutes.

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02:00am 21/08/2003
mood: indifferent
Well nothing new, I hope that my friend Karen/Arlia can come see me in October. That would be great, since I havnt seen her in like 4 years. I had written a lot more, but it all got lost to the ether, and since im kinda tired, i think ill call it a night and write more tomorrow. Sorry Everyone. Have a good night.